Get back in the game!

We’ve all seen the ads in TV or internet – there is always some example of manly man who urges you to step the hell out of your shell and bring the joy back into the sex. Together with beautiful women informing you as a viewer how good you can also be with some of the latest erectile dysfunction drugs. It’s actually an answer to a plague that haunts the manhood since the very beginning and that is inability to have an erection or inability to have an orgasm – popularly referred to as impotency. If you are of older age, you might have already experienced some of these troubles but not even the younger generation is „out of the reach“.

The statistics don’t lie

At least 8 % of men in the age of 18-29 and 9 % of men in the age of 29-39 are unable to achieve an orgasm when having sexual intercourse. Moreover, many of these men are unable to maintain an erection during the actual intercourse. ED drugs offer the best solution for these kinds of problems since there is more than 90 % success rate and treating this disease is no longer an impossible dream.